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To register or for more information, call toll-free 1-866-999-7372.
All non-sponsored students: When calling 1-866-999-7372 to register, please have your Visa or Master Card ready.

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Adult Basic Education (ABE)

Southeast Regional College's Adult Basic Education (ABE) programs assist adults in improving their employment opportunities, meeting entrance requirements to post-secondary institutions, and developing personal skills. The programs provide certification at the following levels: Level 3 (Grade 10), GED 12 and Level 4 (Grade 12).

The programs allows you to study at a pace suitable to your individual needs and abilities. When you start a program, our qualified and experienced instructors will find out what you already know, what you want to do and then design an individualized program to help you achieve your goals.

Level 4 (Grade 12) Program

The Level 4 (Grade 12) program consists of seven 30 level credits, including: English credits, a required Social Science 30, a Mathematics 30, a Science 30, plus 30-level electives for a total of seven. One 30-level credit may be granted for life/work experience based on criteria to be developed.

Level 3 (Grade 10) Program

Units of instruction include: Communications, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and LifeWorks. This program prepares students for employment, skill training, the GED 12 program, or the Level 4 (Grade 12) program. When students complete this program they will receive a Level 3 (Grade 10) certificate.

2013-2014 Adult Basic Education Schedule

Student Services Counsellors administer the intake process for Southeast Regional College’s Adult Basic Education programs. Please contact the Student Services Counsellor in your area to set up an appointment.

Apply now to reserve your seat in January 2014.


To register please contact:


306-637-3852 or 306-421-8089

Indian Head

306-848-2331 or 306-891-6828


306-435-4630 or 306-435-7275


306-435-4630 or 306-435-7275


306-435-4630 or 306-435-7275

Piapot Urban (Regina)


Piapot Valley (On reserve)



306-848-2331 or 306-891-6828

For further information contact:

Becky Wock, Basic Education & Literacy Co-ordinator, 306-848-2503