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To register or for more information, call toll-free 1-866-999-7372.
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Building Code Training

The Saskatchewan Building Officials Association, in partnership with Southeast College, has developed a 42-module home study training program for building officials and National Building Code users. In this Building Code Training for Canadians (BCTC) program, participants will: 

  • Study part 9 of the National Building Code
  • Learn to inspect one and two unit dwellings and accessory buildings under the Code
  • Examine the legislative authority and legal process for administering and enforcing the National Building Code
  • Examine the responsibilities of an official in the performance of his/her duties
  • Discuss civic administration report writing
  • Work with the public
  • Process permit applications and site inspections of one and two unit dwellings
  • Receive recognition for completing one of the requirements for licensing in Saskatchewan

Program Modules 

Section I

SBOA Member - $540.00
Non Member - $680.00
Materials - $200.00 (for all three sections) 

1.      Introduction
2.      The Role of the Building Official
3.      The Building Official and the Law
4.      The Building Permit
5.      The Inspection Process
6.      Order Writing
8.      The Building Structure
9.3    Materials, Systems and Equipment
9.4    Structural Requirements
9.5    Design of Areas and Spaces
9.6    Doors
9.7    Windows and Skylights
9.8    Stairs, Ramps, Handrails and Guards
9.10  Fire Protection
9.11  Sound Control

Section II

SBOA Member - $345.00
Non Member - $440.00

9.12    The Excavation
9.13    Waterproofing, Dampproofing, and Soil Gas Control
9.14    Drainage
9.15    Footings and Foundations
9.16    Floors-on-Ground
9.17    Columns
9.18    Crawl Spaces
9.19    Roof Spaces
9.20    Above-Grade Masonry
9.21    Chimneys and Flues
9.22    Fireplaces
9.23-1 Wood-Frame Construction
9.23-2 Wood-Frame Construction
9.23-3 Wood-Frame Construction
9.23-4 Wood-Frame Construction

Section III

SBOA Member - $264.00
Non Member - $338.00

9.25    Heat Transfer, Air Leakage & Condensation Control
9.26    Roofing
9.27    Cladding
9.28    Stucco
9.29    Interior Wall and Ceiling Finishes
9.30    Flooring
9.31    Plumbing Facilities
9.32    Ventilation
9.33    Heating and Air Conditioning
9.34    Electrical Facilities
9.35    Garages and Carports
7         Plan Reading 

Why Register? 

Local authorities in Saskatchewan entrust enforcement of the province’s building and accessibility standards to building officials.  They are a vital connection between the standards and their application.  Aside from any other training or experience that they may have, these people must know how to read, understand and apply the National Building Code of Canada to the variety of materials and methods of construction used today.  A person’s successful completion of Building Code Training for Canadians - Series I provides one of the eligibility requirements for a Building Official Licence that applies to one and two unit dwellings.

Who will benefit from this training?

  • Code users and enforcers outside the Province of Saskatchewan 
  • Employees of local governments of all sizes who are involved in inspection and/or plan reading 
  • Individuals who supervise those involved in inspection, plan review and/or construction of buildings 
  • Individuals who deal with issues and/or make decisions about building standards 
  • Individuals in related areas of interest, such as private inspection, pre-mortgage private home inspectors, drafters and renovators 
  • Individuals who are interested in entering the field of building inspection, design, drafting and renovations

Additional Information

Download the Application

For additional information, please contact Amanda Neiszner, BCTC Administrator at (306) 848-2515.

Or visit the Saskatchewan Building Officials Association website at