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10-Day Truck Driver Training Program

This program is designed for individuals who have little or no semi-tractor/trailer driving skills and abilities. Depending on the individual and their commitment, the individual should be able to obtain a Class 1A License within the 10-day period. Includes 2 days in classroom and 8 days in-truck training.


Instructors are qualified and approved by SGI. The courses are unique to the field of truck driver training in their ability to be moved to various locations in southeast Saskatchewan. For the driving portion, students will be instructed in pre/post trip inspections, brake adjustments, hook/unhook procedures, double clutching, backing, shifting, turns, city/highway driving, yard maneuvers, safety procedures and traffic awareness. Two participants are required for the training to start, so be sure to express your interest early.


Testing is conducted after the truck training is completed. Each student is tested individually according to standards, regulations and procedures implemented by SGI with no deviation. Road tests will only be conducted in locations that are recognized by SGI as testing centres. The College supplies the tractor-trailer unit and fuel in order for the student to complete the road test.

Course prerequisites

What benefits are there in taking a Truck Driving Training program through Southeast College?

For more information or to register for a 1A Truck Driver Training program, please contact the campus nearest you:

Location  Contact
 Assiniboia  306-848-2500
 Estevan  306-634-4795
 Moosomin  306-435-4631
 Weyburn  306-848-2500


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