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Business Management Essentials


Employee recruitment and retention remains, as always, a top priority for small businesses in Saskatchewan. Keeping good people is key to growing a successful business and we have heard this message loud and clear from businesses across the province. To meet this need, the Chambers have created a training initiative that addresses a number of topics from customer service to conflict resolution.

Program Description

Saskatchewan Chamber has partnered with the Saskatchewan Colleges to deliver dynamic and informational management/leadership workshops that will help employees to build on their core business, supervisory and leadership skills.

The Business Management Essentials (BME) provided by the Colleges are ideal for aspiring, new and current supervisors and business professionals. These programs will help learners improve their management and leadership acumen through practical, skill-oriented business courses. This training is provided through interactive workshop-style classes facilitated by leading edge instructors who will challenge and build the learner’s core business, leadership and management skills.

The BME program is designed with two levels of achievement. Once four workshops have been successfully  completed,  a  Level  1  Certificate  will be awarded. When eight workshops have been completed, the Level 2 Certificate will be awarded. There will be in excess of eight workshops for businesses to choose from.

In order for a business to be considered for Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant (CSJG) funding\job-grant, they must register for either Level 1 training consisting of four (4) workshops; or Level 2 training consisting of a subsequent four (4) workshops.

Canada – Saskatchewan Job Grant (CSJG) Information

The Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant (CSJG) is an employer-driven program that provides eligible employers with financial support to train new or existing employees for jobs in their organization. Training can help support a new hire to the organization, result in a new or better job for an existing employee or reduce skills gaps of an employee. The CSJG provides opportunities for unemployed and underemployed workers to train for jobs.

For those wishing to apply for the Canada-Sask Job Grant for this management training, please    DO NOT register on-line.  Please contact and we will help you through the registration process.

Eligibility Criteria:


Private employers and not-for-profit sector employers are eligible. Publicly funded organizations such as health regions, municipalities,  and  school divisions are not eligible.


Canadian citizens or permanent residents qualify.

Temporary foreign workers are not eligible training participants.

Business Management Essentials Program example with successful CSJG funding

 Level 1 or Level 2 – 4 workshops


Tuition $1,200.00
CSJG Funding 2/3 $  800.00
Employer 1/3 $  400.00


Small employers (less than 50 employees) may be entitled to additional funding.

Email for CSJG Training Provider Quote for Business Management Essentials program:

Interested employers  must complete the Employer Application Form and obtain a Training Provider Quote.  For more detailed information on how to apply please follow the link below.

Canada-Sk  Job  Grant  Website

Attention Local Chambers

If your Chamber would like to participate in this as an Affinity Program in your region, please contact:
Jacquie Becker

Course Listing

Performance Management
Teamwork and Team Building
Meeting Management
Customer Service
Leadership and Influence
Time Management
Supervising Others
Communication Strategies
Business Writing
Workplace Bullying/Harassment
Conflict Resolution
Strategies and Support for Mental Health in the Workplace

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