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PRES 208 Presentation Skills

In any business environment we are constantly called upon to make presentations. Anytime you present a product to someone, an idea to a co-worker or your boss, you are making a presentation. On some occasions you may even be asked to make a more formal presentation in front of a group. Whenever you make a presentation, it reflects on you as a professional.

This course will provide you with the tools you need to ensure your presentations are effective. You will have an opportunity to plan, prepare for, and make a presentation in front of a group.


Module 1: Assessing and Improving Your Presentation Skills

Module 2: Planning Your Presentation

Module 3: PowerPoint: A Help or Hindrance?

Module 4: Preparing for Your Presentation

Module 5: Putting it All Together

Module 6: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Presentation

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