Qualified Persons Training

“Building a network of professionals to support Saskatchewan agricultural producers in building a resilient agricultural industry by designing projects that both meet the requirements of approval and are adaptive to the impacts of a changing climate”.

 Since September 2015, the Water Security Agency has been implementing the Agricultural Water Management Strategy. New regulations, legislation and policies have been implemented to promote responsible drainage in Saskatchewan while supporting resilient watersheds and thriving communities.

Agriculture is a very important economic sector in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan has some of the most productive farmland in the world with more than 18 million hectares, laying claim to about 40% of Canada’s cultivated farmland. Agriculture, as with most sectors, is not without challenges. Farming as a sector is complex and it is affected by many external factors, such as variable weather and market forces. This results in unpredictable aspects resulting in inherent challenges. There are also ongoing pressures related to soil erosion, pests, disease, climate change, and of course water management considerations. To achieve continued agricultural growth, Saskatchewan producers need to continue to adapt to address and mitigate pressures to their operations.

Saskatchewan is expected to experience an increase in frequency and intensity of weather-related events, which if not well managed will have negative effects on the agricultural sector. As our climate continues to change, so must the design and construction of agriculture water management projects. The sector will need the skills of professionals (called Qualified Persons or QPs) who assist landowners in designing adaptive projects that meet the requirements for a drainage approval. This course offers the introductory concepts that are important to ensure QPs have the appropriate skills and knowledge necessary to assist in the continued growth and resiliency of this sector.

To ensure qualified persons have the skills they need to help producers, the Water Security Agency has partnered with Southeast College, to provide dynamic and informational training courses that will help individuals wanting to work as Qualified Persons.

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