2022-2023 Nomination Instructions

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  4. If you have any questions in regard to recognition awards or need help nominating a student, please email scholarships@southeastcollege.org.
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Personal Information of Nominator

Personal Information of Nominated Student

Program Information of Nominated Student

Academic Standing

Please be advised that the grades of the nominated student for the current academic year will be evaluated as part of the recipient selection process. Recipients must be in good academic standing at the time of the awards presentations.

Southeast College Student Recognition Awards

Please review the award descriptions and select the award(s) you are nominating the student for

Board of Governor’s Award for Academic Excellence

This award focusses on academic excellence and contributions to their program of study.

Students nominated in this category are recognized for outstanding achievement and/or their positive contribution within their program of study. Students nominated for an academic award are thoughtful problem solvers who work well with their peers. They demonstrate a passion for life-long learning. Minimum grade average must be achieved to be eligible for this award.

President’s Award for Outstanding Student Leadership

This award focusses on student excellence in both the classroom and College campus.

This award recognizes a student who has demonstrated leadership, humility, empowerment of others, and who is highly engaged in the Southeast College campus. The student who receives this award is passionate about their experience at Southeast College, collaborates with fellow students, and values lifelong learning. This student exemplifies strong communication and collaboration skills while providing peer-to-peer support and encouragement.

Southeast College Award for Contributions to the Community

This award focusses on a dedication to education, community contributions and leadership outside campus.

These students are strong supporters and leaders in their home communities and in their Southeast College community. These highly engaged and dedicated students excel in their studies and empower others to reach their academic goal. These students display the characteristics of a true leader and take pride in the positive promotion of themselves as a Southeast College Student.

Volunteer and Community Involvement of Nominated Student

A number of the Student Recognition Awards take volunteer and community involvement into consideration. Please tell us how the student you are nominating has contributed to their community.

Volunteer & Community Involvement Activity #1

Volunteer & Community Involvement Activity #2

Volunteer & Community Involvement Activity #3

Classroom Leadership

Additional Information


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