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Building Code Training for Canadians Series 1, 2010

A comprehensive home study of the National Building Code of Canada, for one and two unit dwellings.

The BCTC curriculum has now been updated to the 2010 code and is available for registration. All of our learning will now take place in an online environment with the new and updated curriculum.

Students will still be required to request exam sittings as they have in the past, however they will now take their exams electronically at designated testing sites. As a result of this improvement, students will have exam results immediately.

Who can benefit from this training?

Why register for this program?

Local authorities in Saskatchewan entrust enforcement of the province’s building and accessibility standards to building officials. They are a vital connection between the standards and their application. Aside from other training or experience that they may have, these people must know how to read, understand and apply the National Building Code of Canada to the variety of materials and methods of construction used today. A person’s successful completion of Building Code Training for Canadians Series 1, 2010 provides one of the eligibility requirements for a Building Official License that applies to one and two unit dwellings.

Interested in registering for this program?

For more information or to register, please call the Weyburn Campus at 306-848-2500.


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