General (OP00)
OP001 – Fit for Duty
OP002 – Records Management
OP002.1 – Archive Labels
OP002.2 – Archive Log
OP003 – Code of Ethics
OP005 – Professional Attire
OP007 – Weather Policy
OP008 – Conflict of Commitment and Conflict of Interest
OP008.1 – Disclosure Form
OP009 – Protection of Privacy
OP009.1 – Privacy and Fraud Incident Report
OP0010 – CASL

Human Resources
Staff Relations (H00)
H001 – Open Door
H002 – Progressive Discipline
H002.1 –  Verbal Reprimand 1st Action
H002.2 – Verbal Reprimand 2nd Action
H002.3 – Verbal Reprimand Final Action
H003 – Hiring Relatives
H004 – Absence of Managers
H006 – Exit Interviews
H006.1 – Exit Interview Questionnaire
H006.2 – Employee Exit Checklist

Leaves (H100)
H101 – Vacation Scheduling and Leave
H101.1 – Vacation Request Form
H102 – Designated Holidays
H103 – Christmas Leave
H104 – Sick Leave
H105 – Family Leave
H106 – Pressing Necessity and Bereavement Leave
H106.1 – Declaration of Leave for Pressing Necessity or Bereavement Leave
H107 – Jury Duty
H109 – Religious Holidays

Safety and Health (H200)
H202 – Occupational Health and Safety
H203 – Employee Assistance Program
H205 – Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault
H206 – Criminal Record Check
H207 – Working Alone
H207.1 – Working Alone or In Isolation Checklist

Employment Services and Support (H300)
H301 – Employment Equity
H302 – Staff Orientation
H302.1 – New Hire Checklist Instructors
H302.2 – New Hire Checklist Field Staff
H303 – Performance Appraisal – Probationary
H303.1 – Performance Appraisal Probationary Form
H304 – Performance Appraisal  – Permanent
H304.1 – Employee Appraisal
H304.2 – Supervisor Appraisal
H304.3 – Supervisor Appraisal STA Instructor
H304.4 – Supervisor Appraisal ABE Instructor
H305 – Professional Development
H305.1 – Professional Development Approval Form
H306 – Conference Attendance
H306.1 – Conference and Seminar Form
H307 – Enrollment in College Courses
H308 – Education Leave
H309 – Long Service Awards
H310 – Recognition of Staff Personal Events
H311 – Gift Policy
H313 – College Ambassador
H313.1 – Volunteer Request Form

Finance (F00)
F001 Purchasing
F002 Tendering
F003 Purchase Cards
F004 Petty Cash
F005 Banking Policy
F006 Expense Reimbursement
F007 Tangible Capital Assets
F008 Accounts Receivable
F009 Cash Management
F010 Professional and Membership Fees
F012 Fraud Prevention and Reporting
F012.1 Privacy and Fraud Incident Report

Marketing and Communications (M00)
M001 – Identity Branded College Sponsorship