Southeast College Microcredential for Business

Develop your skill set with short, skills-focused learning. Badges and Crests are shareable and can be added to resumes, LinkedIn profiles or professional portfolios.

8 hours of Live instruction per class

  • Log in from your work computer or home office
  • Each completed class is awarded a Badge
  • Four completed classes awarded a Crest

Time:  Tuesday/Wednesday mornings 8:30 –12:30 pm
Cost:   $150 per class or 4 classes for $500


Choose One focus:



ADVANCED BUSINESS (must include Performance Management and Supervisory Skills)

Choose from the following classes with Live Instruction:

Performance Management Leadership and Influence
Critical Thinking and Decision Making Office Politics
Event Planning Introduction to Indigenous Relations
Customer Service and Engaging the Public Introduction to Supervising Others
Conflict Resolution and Dealing with People Supervisory Skills
Time Management

Funding opportunities are available for qualified businesses.

For registration assistance, please call us at 1-866-999-7372

In order for a business to be considered for Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant (CSJG) funding www.saskatchewan.ca\job-grant, they must register for at least one Professional Microcredential (four classes).

Canada – SK Job Grant (CSJG) Information

The Canada-SK Job Grant (CSJG) is an employer-driven program that provides eligible employers with financial support to train new or existing employees for jobs in their organization. Training can help support a new hire to the organization, result in a new or better job for an existing employee or reduce skills gaps of an employee. The CSJG provides opportunities for unemployed and underemployed workers to train for jobs.

Southeast College Microcredentials example with successful CSJG funding

Four (4) classes – one Professional Microcredential

Tuition $ 500.00
CSJG Funding 2/3 $  333.00
Employer 1/3 $  167.00*

*Small employers (as defined by the Sk Government, less than 50 employees) may be entitled to additional funding.

To assist employers, we have included downloadable PDF versions of the Canada-Sask Job Grant Employer Application and Training Provider Quote for this program. You can email the completed quote to Consultant@southestcollege.org for verification and to obtain the required signature.

Please note:  CSJG will not reimburse for any training that has not been pre-approved by them prior to the training taking place.

CSJG applicants SHOULD NOT register for workshops on-line.  

Eligibility Criteria:


Private employers and not-for-profit sector employers are eligible. Publicly funded organizations such as health regions, municipalities,  and  school divisions are not eligible.


Canadian citizens or permanent residents qualify.

Temporary foreign workers are not eligible training participants.

Additional Information

For more detailed information on the Canada-Sk Job Grant please follow the link below:


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