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Course Name Program Course Length
10-Day Truck Driver Training Program Truck Driver Training
5-Day Truck Driver Training Program Truck Driver Training 40 hours
ACCT 208 Accounting and Finance for Non-Accountants Business Training, Continuing Education
Acrylic Painting by Jenny Personal Interest
Administrative Professional’s Seminar Continuing Education, General Training
Adult 10-12 Adult Education
Advanced Digital Photography Personal Interest
Advancing your Grain Marketing Strategies Agricultural Courses 9:00-4:00
AgExpert Analyst (Advanced) Agricultural Courses
AgExpert Analyst (Introduction) Agricultural Courses
AgExpert Field Manager Pro Agricultural Courses
ANAT 100 Body Systems Part Time Credit Programming Tuesdays 9:00-4:00
ASIST – Suicide Intervention Industry and Safety Training 8:30-4:30
Barnwood Seasonal Sign Workshop Continuing Education, Personal Interest 2 hours, 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Basic Budgeting Continuing Education, Personal Interest
Basic Cooking Pizza & Pies Personal Interest
Basic Cooking Soups & Sauces Personal Interest
Basic English Sign Language Personal Interest
Beginning with Computers and the Internet Computer Training 6:00-9:00 p.m.
Body Sugaring Continuing Education, Personal Interest
Building Code Training for Canadians Series 1, 2010 Industry and Safety Training
Building Communication Skills Continuing Education, Personal Interest
Business Diploma in Management – Yr 2 Post Secondary, Trades, Technology and Apprenticeship
Business Training Workshops Business Training
CAODC Service Rig Competency Assessor (Energy Safety Canada) Industry and Safety Training