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Course Name Program Course Length
Mobile Device Concepts Computer Training
Mosiac Stepping Stone Workshop Continuing Education, Personal Interest Saturday 1 pm - 4 pm
Ms Access 2016 Level 1 Computer Training, Continuing Education
MS Word 2016 Level 3 Computer Training, Continuing Education
Municipal Essentials Business Training, Continuing Education
Municipal Leadership Summit Continuing Education, General Training
Nail Art Decorating for Tweens and Teens Continuing Education, Personal Interest 1-3pm
NUTR 198 Nutrition Part Time Credit Programming Fridays 9:00-4:00 pm
Office Administration Trades, Technology and Apprenticeship
On-Farm Fumigation/Fumigation Applicator(Commercial) Agricultural Courses, Continuing Education
Paint Night – Fun with Painting Continuing Education, Personal Interest
Parent /Child Cupcake Decorating Continuing Education, Personal Interest
PD 240 Professionalism in Early Childhood Education Continuing Education, Part Time Credit Programming
Performance Management Business Training, Continuing Education 8:30 am - 4:30 pm; Southeast College
Pesticide Applicator – Agriculture or Industrial Agricultural Courses Mon - Thurs 9 - 4pm
Pesticide Applicator – Agriculture or Landscape Agricultural Courses, Continuing Education
Pesticide Applicator – Industrial or Landscape Agricultural Courses, Continuing Education Mon - Wed 9am-4pm; Thurs 9am - 12pm
Photoshop Elements Computer Training, Continuing Education
Portrait Photography Continuing Education, Personal Interest
Powered Mobile Equipment (PME) Forklift Industry and Safety Training
Powered Mobile Equipment (PME) Training Industry and Safety Training
Practical Nursing Health
Pre-10 Adult Education
Public Speaking Continuing Education, Personal Interest Monday and Wednesday; 6:30 pm-8:30 pm
QuickBooks Computer Training