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Course Name Program Course Length
Pesticide Applicator – Agriculture Agricultural Courses, Continuing Education 9am - 4pm
Pesticide Applicator – Agriculture or Industrial Agricultural Courses
Pesticide Applicator – Industrial or Landscape Agricultural Courses, Continuing Education
Photoshop Elements Computer Training, Continuing Education
Portrait Photography Continuing Education, Personal Interest
Powered Mobile Equipment (PME) Forklift Industry and Safety Training
Powered Mobile Equipment (PME) Ice Resurfacer Industry and Safety Training
Powered Mobile Equipment (PME) Training Industry and Safety Training
Powerline Technician Post Secondary, Trades, Technology and Apprenticeship
Practical Nursing Health
Public Speaking Continuing Education, Personal Interest
Qualified Persons Training Business Training, Continuing Education
Quickbooks Beginner Computer Training, Continuing Education
Refrigeration Papers Preparation Course Industry and Safety Training
Safe Food Handling Industry and Safety Training
SANT 181 Foodsafe Level 1 Part Time Credit Programming
Self Defense for Women Continuing Education, Personal Interest
SFTY 194 P.A.R.T. Assault Response Part Time Credit Programming 8 hours
Silverware Jewelry Workshop Continuing Education, Personal Interest
Simple Hair Techniques Continuing Education, Personal Interest
Small Business Bookkeeping Business Training, Continuing Education
Small Engine Repair Agricultural Courses
SOCI 171 – Culture and Diversity in Canadian Society Continuing Education, Part Time Credit Programming Wednesdays (Material Cost to be determined)
Social Media Computer Training
Social Media for Business Certificate – Online Continuing Education, Online Training On-Line