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Continuing Care Assistant Certificate Delivered part time – courses vary based on location

Longer life expectancies, a growing population of senior citizens, more focus on outpatient treatment – these are some of the reasons for the increasing demand for continuing care assistants. Simply put, continuing care assistants are people who care for other people.

The Continuing Care Assistant program provides the knowledge and skills you need to move into this rewarding field. Practicums provide direct experience in home care, long-term care, special care, and acute care settings.

You will build knowledge and skills related to:

The demand for continuing care assistants is growing and so are the job opportunities. You could work in a home care setting, long-term care facility, private care home, acute care facility, integrated facility, supportive housing, or special needs classroom.

Most continuing care assistants work for the Saskatchewan Health Authority. You’re part of a health care team working under the supervision of registered nurses, registered psychiatric nurses, and/or licensed practical nurses.


Admission Requirements:


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