ECE 108 Curriculum Design in Early Childhood Education 1

You will plan a quality curriculum for children using a holistic approach while responding to their ideas and play. You will apply the main components of developing curriculum and practice preparing developmentally appropriate and open-ended experiences for children.

NOTE: The Pre- requisite to take this class is having either HUMD 100  or HUMD 102 and ECE 181

Learning Outcomes

  1. Examine the role of the educator in developing a quality curriculum
  2. Practice using observation to plan an emergent curriculum
  3. Apply a holistic approach to developing emergent curriculum
  4. Select quality materials and resources which support children’s interest and exploration
  5. Analyze stereotypical storylines and imagery in curriculum materials
  6. Examine tools and techniques for preparing quality children’s environments
  7. Practice setting up provocations and invitations for children
  8. Create provocations and invitations for children

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