Powered Mobile Equipment (PME) Ice Resurfacer

Covers theories of equipment operation, government regulations, and safe operating practices including: OH&S training requirements, background of the original ice resurfacer, circle check and pre-operational inspection of the machine as well as safe operation and maintenance.

Anatomy of the machine covered will include:

  • The warning labels
  • Operator Manual
  • The requirement of a fire extinguisher
  • Fuel
  • Mounting and dismounting the machine
  • The operators station floor and seat
  • The Controls and Dashboard
  • Headlights and Brake lights
  • Backup alarms
  • Water levers
  • Augers and auger controls
  • Blade adjustment
  • Conditioner and conditioner controls
  • Plunger/snow breaker
  • Snow Bin and controls
  • Board brush and bumper wheels
  • Tire wash
  • Engine and hydraulics
  • Flood and wash water tanks including their controls
  • Blades and blade replacement
  • Flood towel and squeegee
  • Edging units and brushes

Includes hands-on training and evaluation.  The practical skills portion will require the learner to take the theory and apply either by demonstration or verbally the correct techniques and practices to safely operate and maintain the machine.

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