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Primary Care Paramedic

Being a Primary Care Paramedic(PCP) is all about teamwork. There’s a sense of camaraderie you won’t find in many other jobs. But it takes a special kind of person. You have to want to help people, because you will be dealing with all ages in all kinds of crises. You have to work well under pressure, because you will be delivering pre-hospital emergency care in people home’s, in the middle of busy streets and/or at industrial sites.

This program emphasizes hands on training in pre-hospital emergency care with both hospital and ambulance practicums.

Admission Requirements:

Note: Applicants must provide a current criminal record check and vulnerable sector search upon admission to the program. You must exhibit physical strength and fitness consistent with the requirements of professional practice. This will be evaluated throughout the program. Accepted applicants are required to provide evidence of TLR (Transferring, Lifting and Repositioning) prior to semester two. Accepted applicants are required to provide current immunization records and meet the immunization requirements prior to entry into the clinical/practicum.

Special Admission: Applicants who do not possess the academic qualifications for a program maybe be admitted if evidence of probable success can be established through a special admission assessment. Interested individuals should still apply. A Southeast College Student Advisor or the Registrar will contact students that fall within this category.

For specific course information, please visit the Saskatchewan Polytechnic website.


Fall 2019 Program Intake Information

Location: Redvers

Program Dates: Fall 2019 – delivered on a Part Time basis; exact schedule TBD

Tuition: TBD

Materials: TBD

Applications submitted after July 1st

*In order to ensure prompt acceptance into our program, applicants should make every effort to ensure that applicable transcripts have been received by our Registrar’s office within 5-7 business days of program application*

Download and print your complete application package Primary Care Paramedic Certificate

For more detailed information, please call our toll free registration line at 1-866-999-7372 or email

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