New T2202 Information for Saskatchewan College Students

October 15, 2019

T2202 Certificate Information:

If you have taken a qualifying education program with tuition over $100 in the past year a T2202 tax certificate will be created for you.  From 2019 tax year moving forward the T2202 will require a SIN number.

The College cannot provide tax advice.  T2202 certificates only report the tuition paid, and the number of months the student is enrolled in a qualifying educational program, according to the Canada Revenue Agency’s tax rules, for the current tax year.  It does not provide assurance that the student is eligible for the tuition credit. Each student must determine if they are eligible for this tax credit based on their own circumstances.  To find out more about these credits and your eligibility, you should consult Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or a tax professional.

How to View your T2202 Certificate:

We are pleased to let you know you will be able to view your T2202 anytime, at your convenience!  Once your T2202 certificate is generated, it will be sent directly to the Saskatchewan Advanced Education Portal.  You will receive an email either asking you to log into your portal account (same portal as student loans, graduate retention program or provincial training allowance), or inviting you to create a portal account.  If you do not have a current email address on file this email will not be able to be received by you.
Please ensure your email address is always current, you can update it at any time with the college you attended.

If you need assistance in accessing or creating this account, please contact the Student Service Centre at 1-800-597-8278. The College cannot assist you with your portal account.

If you have questions about your T2202 certificate please call the Saskatchewan College you attended and speak to the Registrar.  The Call Centre cannot assist you with T2202 questions:

  • Southeast College – 1.866.999.7372

In addition, your T2202 will be sent directly to the CRA.  You will be able to log in to your CRA account and view your T2202 there.

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