Southeast College Announces Interim CEO

February 3, 2022

The Southeast College Board of Directors would like to welcome Stephen Eger from Kn/a HR Consulting to act as Interim CEO & President for Southeast College. Stephen will begin this role immediately.

Stephen is a life-long learner with nearly 25 years of experience in a variety of organizations, including public, not-for-profit, private, First Nations, and additional professional associations. He has created and implemented human resource services, policies, program evaluation, strategy, job equity, communications, and organizational design.

Stephen’s academic credentials include Masters degrees in Public Administration and Leadership as well as Bachelor’s degrees in Social Work and Human Justice.

This announcement comes with the departure of former CEO and President, Patrick Stoddart. Under Patrick’s leadership, the College accomplished many notable strategic achievements. The Southeast College Board of Directors would like to thank and acknowledge Patrick for the expertise and innovative contributions he provided to the College.

The Board is actively recruiting for a permanent CEO & President.

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