Southeast College Supports Ukrainian Student Relief Program in Saskatchewan

May 30, 2023

Southeast College is pleased to announce its support for the Ukrainian student relief program initiated by the Minister of Advanced Education in Saskatchewan. The program aims to provide assistance to post-secondary students who arrived in Canada under the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) program.

Under the CUAET program, Ukrainian students who sought refuge in Saskatchewan are not classified as refugees, resulting in the requirement to pay higher international student tuition rates. Recognizing the unique circumstances faced by these students, the Government of Saskatchewan has taken steps to ensure that they have access to post-secondary education without causing significant financial strain on their families.

By providing funding, the province will enable Ukrainian students who came to Saskatchewan within the past year to pay domestic tuition rates instead of international rates. This initiative will facilitate their integration into the local educational system and alleviate the financial burden associated with pursuing higher education.

Minister Gordon Wyant expressed the government’s commitment to supporting Ukrainians who sought refuge in Saskatchewan, stating, “These students are in a unique situation. We want them to be able to continue living here to study at one of our excellent post-secondary institutions without causing severe financial hardship for their families.”

Approximately two dozen Ukrainian students, who are set to graduate from high school in Saskatchewan this spring, may now benefit from paying the same tuition rates as domestic students if they choose to pursue post-secondary education in the province. This announcement provides them with a timely opportunity to plan their academic futures with greater ease.

“Southeast College is honored to join forces with the Government of Saskatchewan in our unwavering commitment to support Ukrainian students throughout their educational journey. Through providing access to affordable post-secondary education, we firmly believe that these students will be empowered to excel academically and make meaningful contributions to the prosperity of Saskatchewan,” says Dr. Vicky Roy, CEO & President of Southeast College.

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