Southeast College Unveils Bold 2023-2028 Strategic Plan: Pioneering Innovation for Sustainable Growth

October 6, 2023

Southeast College proudly presents its 2023-2028 Strategic Plan, titled “Transforming Innovation for Sustainability.” This comprehensive plan has been carefully crafted in collaboration with our Board of Governors, our President, the executive leadership team, and dedicated staff, and engaged community members and stakeholders from southeast Saskatchewan, outlining our key priorities for the next five years. At its core, our plan is anchored in our fundamental values of innovation, collaboration, and sustainability.

Over the next five years, we are committed to proactively responding to evolving needs, nurturing meaningful partnerships, and upholding responsible stewardship for the betterment of our local economy, social well-being, and environmental sustainability. Our primary focus revolves around reshaping innovation to promote sustainability, underpinned by two guiding principles: sustainable development and the 3 Cs of innovation. By placing these principles at the forefront, we aim to drive improvements in environmental and social governance (ESG) practices, aspiring to be a leader in both innovation and sustainability, and thereby making significant contributions towards a more sustainable future for Saskatchewan.

Donna Nyeste, Chair of the Southeast College Board of Governors, reflects on our vision, stating, “Our ultimate goal is to transform lives and foster resilient, sustainable communities that can thrive in a rapidly changing world. Through innovative educational opportunities, we aspire to lead the way in sustainability. Our plan underscores our commitment to corporate social responsibility, ethical practices, responsible finance, stakeholder engagement, and more, all contributing to a sustainable future. Our board has full confidence that the dedicated President Dr. Vicky Roy and her team at Southeast College will not only meet but exceed these objectives.”

Dr. Vicky Roy, speaking on Southeast College’s strategic goals and priorities, adds, “Working in tandem with our management and staff, our focus will be on cultivating a vibrant organizational culture, fostering strategic collaborations, and fortifying community capabilities. By investing in staff training and introducing new programs, we intend to empower our workforce, creating a healthier and more adaptable work environment. This, in turn, will enhance our ability to pursue strategic initiatives while elevating accountability and transparency.”

Furthermore, our strategic plan underscores our unwavering commitment to strengthening our bonds with Indigenous communities in southeast Saskatchewan, guided by our dedication to Truth and Reconciliation. Central to this commitment is the development of an Indigenous Engagement Strategy, developed in collaboration with Indigenous leaders, to address the Calls to Action and reflect the unique needs and voices of Indigenous communities. Our ultimate aspiration is to enhance the well-being and academic success of Indigenous students, working together to create sustainable pathways for their education and future opportunities. Our vision extends to fostering a more inclusive society that recognizes and values the contributions of all its members.

Southeast College is proud to offer innovative and flexible programming that encourages students to learn where they live.

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