Training Partnership to Build Capacity in Saskatchewan Communities

September 25, 2017

The Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) and Southeast College are pleased to be partnering to offer Municipal Management Essentials (MME). This management training program is targeted to meet the needs of employees and elected officials in Saskatchewan hometowns.

The workshops include topics such as time management, organizational skills, communicating effectively, conflict management, safety planning and general leadership skills. Workshops are offered in conjunction with SUMA conventions and around the province to ensure as many SUMA members as possible can take in this opportunity.

“Employees working in Saskatchewan hometowns are being called upon to build capacity in themselves to meet the demands of growth, legislation and to adopt new practices to create efficiencies,” said SUMA CEO Laurent Mougeot. “We are excited to work with an organization as dynamic as the Southeast College and are proud of our commitment to make these capacity-building resources readily available to the people who work for our members.”

“This is a tremendous opportunity and our College is honored to partner with SUMA to develop and implement this municipal training program across Saskatchewan,” said Southeast College President and CEO Dion McGrath.

Southeast College is proud to be the Trainer of Choice in Southeast Saskatchewan, serving approximately 8,000 learners and producing more than 5,000 graduates annually.

For more information, please contact:

Sheena Onrait
Manager, Marketing and Communications
Southeast College

Tiffany Wolf
Communications Advisor


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