Give the Gift of Education: Scholarships and Bursaries

Have you ever thought of helping a student achieve their educational goals? Pursuing a post-secondary education takes determination and financial sacrifice. With rising tuition and living costs, students need your help to relieve some of those pressures. By creating a scholarship or bursary, you can help support a student’s financial need, reward academic excellence, and foster personal achievement. Not only will your contribution impact the life of a student, but it will impact the future of our communities and motivate others to give as well.


Health Studies Fund: Supporting Health Care Through Education

Health care impacts everyone, and education is one of the many key components in sustaining a healthy community. Southeast College is training future members of our health care system in a variety of post-secondary health care disciplines. And as any student will attest to, it requires a great financial commitment to achieve their educational goals. That’s why the Southeast College Education Foundation has created a new Health Studies Fund – to support local students pursuing careers in health care, to invest in quality local education, and to provide a healthy future for our communities.


Fueling the Future: An Industry-Education Partnership Initiative

Southeast College’s Fueling the Future initiative continues to build meaningful industry partnerships and raise valuable scholarship funds for students. As a commitment to growing Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan employees, Southeast College invites employers to engage in this innovative opportunity that resonates energy, action, and opportunity for all stakeholders.




When I decided to take a chance and reinvest into my education once again, I am really glad that I chose Southeast College.  I am truly grateful for all the opportunities that have came my way and will continue to come my way because of the programs that were offered to me here.

- Derek, Power Engineering Student