Health Studies Fund: Supporting Health Care Through Education

Health care impacts everyone, and education is one of the many key components in sustaining a healthy community. Southeast College is training future members of our health care system in a variety of post-secondary health care disciplines. And as any student will attest to, it requires a great financial commitment to achieve their educational goals. That’s why the Southeast College Education Foundation has created a new Health Studies Fund – to support local students pursuing careers in health care, to invest in quality local education, and to provide a healthy future for our communities.

How the Health Studies Fund Works

Support for the new Health Studies Fund will be raised through donations, grants, or special events. The Southeast College Education Foundation and a new Health Studies Fund Committee comprised of community stakeholders will guide the administration and stewardship of the Health Studies Fund to support two key objectives:

Program and Student Impact

Currently, over 100 students are pursuing post-secondary health care-related training programs on a full-time or part-time basis at Southeast College in the following disciplines:

Continuing Care Assistant

Practical Nursing

Additionally, Southeast College is excited to be offering the following new programs in the upcoming year:

Health Information Management (new in January 2020)

Primary Care Paramedic (new in Fall 2019)

Ways to Support the Health Studies Fund

Greek Feast – Saturday, March 9th, 2019 (Weyburn, SK)

Online Donation (coming soon!)


Contact Us

To inquire about the Health Studies Fund, please contact:

Jeff Richards
V.P. Strategic Development
(306) 848-2520