MS PowerPoint 365 Level 1

This course is intended for new Microsoft PowerPoint 365 users. Learning Objectives:

  • Launch and close PowerPoint 365; create, save, open, and close PowerPoint presentations; and learn to use the tools for viewing and navigating presentations necessary for using Microsoft PowerPoint 365.
  • Start a new presentation based on templates or themes, and use outlines to organize the text of a presentation.
  • Create a consistent look throughout your presentations by using and customizing themes and styles, and learn how to preview and print your presentations.
  • Enhance your presentations by using PowerPoint 365 slide layouts and text formatting tools.
  • Organize lists, text, objects, and slides in your presentations.
  • Enhance presentations by adding and modifying WordArt, SmartArt, online picture graphics, icons, and 3D models.
  • Produce on-screen slide shows.

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