Entrepreneurship for Trades – Capstone: Business Plan for Trades

Entrepreneurship for Trades is a useful program for those who want to start their own business as well as those who want to make a name for themselves as self-starters and entrepreneurs in their own profession. Through this program, new entrepreneurs will develop the skills they need to turn their ideas, products, and services into tomorrow’s success stories with a comprehensive just-in-time business education.

Capstone: Business Plan for Trades

Dates: March 11 to April 12, 2024
Delivery Method: Online classes with three live sessions. Live Online Sessions by instructor from 6pm-8:30pm (Mar 13, Mar 27, Apr 10).
Tuition: $280/course

Course Information

  • Develop a business plan for establishing or growing a small business
    • Prepare a business plan including sustainable business practices in three sections: 1) Marketing plan, 2) Operations & Management plan and 3) Financial Plan.

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