Entrepreneurship Microcredential – Operations and Management Skills

The Entrepreneurship Microcredential is a useful program for tradespeople and new entrepreneurs who want to start their own business as well as those who want to make a name for themselves as self-starters and entrepreneurs in their profession. Through this program, new entrepreneurs and tradespeople will develop the skills they need to turn their ideas, products, and services into tomorrow’s success stories with a comprehensive just-in-time business education.

Operations & Management Skills

Dates: April 15 to May 17, 2024
Delivery Method: Online classes with three live sessions. Live Online Sessions by instructor from 6pm-8:30pm (Apr 17, May 1, May 15).
Tuition: $280/course

Course Information

  • Understand the basics of Operations and Management for small businesses and startups.
    • How to manage staff, plan operations, evaluate costs, plan inventory and stock, select the right suppliers, and keep your business on track
    • Sustainable business practices for operations and management

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