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Course Name Program Course Length
Safe Food Handling Industry and Safety Training 8 Hours
International Students – Health Care Cook Program Health, Post Secondary
Refrigeration Papers Preparation Course Industry and Safety Training
Digital Photography Basic Principles Personal Interest
Fruit and Vegetable Arrangements Continuing Education, Personal Interest
Digital SLR Photography Personal Interest
Digital Photo Editing Personal Interest
Portrait Photography Continuing Education, Personal Interest
Essential Skills for the Workplace (ESWP) Adult Education
Advanced Digital Photography Personal Interest
SPSY 289 Children with Diverse Abilities Continuing Education, Part Time Credit Programming
Home Alone Course (Canada Safety Council) Continuing Education, Personal Interest 9am - 12pm
International Students – Continuing Care Assistant Program Health, Post Secondary
Spanish Beginner Personal Interest
Microsoft Publisher Level 1 Computer Training, Continuing Education
Spanish Level 1 Personal Interest
Spanish Level 2 Personal Interest
Spanish Level 3 Continuing Education, Personal Interest
Babysitting Course (St. John Ambulance) Personal Interest 9am - 4pm
Day Trading Entry Level Personal Interest
ANAT 100 Body Systems Part Time Credit Programming Tuesdays 9:00 - 4:00 pm
Wreath Making Continuing Education, Personal Interest
COMM 294 Teamwork Skills Continuing Education, Part Time Credit Programming
Plumbing and Pipefitting Post Secondary, Trades, Technology and Apprenticeship
Esthetician-Nail Technician Program Post Secondary, Trades, Technology and Apprenticeship